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July 24, 2008


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Tarini Vikram Singh

hey Mohyna Mami,

really loved the article it was really cute. sounds like you guys had a great time and i hope oyu know you are not gonna get away with such a short narrative of your looooooong holiday!
malli looks sooo pretty in that picture!
love you guys lots!


great stuff - looking forward to your forthcoming book too -


Hey Taribari,

Glad you liked it. I will write a few more posts about the Canada trip. i think there's some more stuff that's quite funny. I agree Malli looks awesome!
Love you



Hey Mohyna,

We've been wanting to go to Banff for a while - this makes me want to go even more! The pictures are just gorgeous!

See you all soon,



deepa soman

Am I glad you started this blog!
Can't wait for my daily dose of "soul food".


Thanks Deepa,
I'm counting on you to go on as often as you can - i plan to keep it pretty well updated with new thoughts. Also, do speard the word about it amongst your friends and lets get some conversations going!


Hi, mohyna great pictures, scenery that looks too good to be real! you must have enjoyed yourselves.

we've just visited another fabulous place, Bhutan, and I hope to upload some pics soon on to snapfish.
love, mamuka

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