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August 20, 2008


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I am smiling! I don't know about deep soul smile yet. But at least the corners of my lips are turned upwards.I am thinking that your little piece may have a huge impact. And that is simply awesome. I am thinking that if i can do this often enough, maybe someone will plaster me in their emails instead of smileys! And maybe it will also become very contagious indeed. And wouldn't a smile epidemic be really rather a nice infection? My only worry is that everyone around me may think i am more insane than i really am! Luvya. Maya.


Hi MM. I did consider the touched-in-the-head looks that may come. But hell, it's worth it. If i feel good, it's good. Besides, make it a genuine smile if you get 'caught'. Look as if you are actually smiling at that person - not vacantly into space! They do smile back sometimes! That been said, it makes me happy that I'm happy and to me that's top line, not even bottom line!! Luvya too!

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