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November 30, 2008


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I completely agree mohyna mami, but the India's 9.11 has really been irking me too! its not the same! its completely different! the only similarity is that it has 11 in it! i just hope that we, as indians figure out how to move forward, but while doing so, we realise that we cannot fight amongst ourselves because we have problems like this at hand.


Tari, that title hung around the neck of this tragedy continues to irk. Will someone please tell NDTV to stop calling it that?! Much as I liked their reporting, i really don't care for the comparison. Glad you agree. Malli made it a point to show her feelings and wore white orange and green bangles to school today. When i asked her if the whole class was planning to do it to show their support, she said, "No, I'm just doing it." Aj mama and i are keen to try and get some support from 'Corporate Mumbai' for a vigil at Gateway of India on Wed night. Lets see if we can pull something together.

It is only the politicians who are arguing about resignations and such like. Thank God the people are not angry with each other. This time all the anger has been directed at the politicians and that is just as well. Cricket is likely to suffer, specially with Pakistan, but seems like a small price.


there is a vigil at india gate on wednesday night too, which i am going for. i have been talking to people and most people cant stand the india's 9/11 tag. i have a pair of earings with the india flag, and there is a school next to ours so this morning when they played the national anthem, normally it brings me to the point of tears but today it overwhelmed me.

i am so happy that people finally realised that we cannot fight amongst ourselves to get anything done. but we cannot sit back and wait for it to change. we have to vote, we have to do our duties as citizens and demand security, accountabilty etc because we can, i think we just havent been bothered enough.

I think what happened in bombay finally woke up the sleeping giants in india, the rich elite and the business world because it attacked them directly. And its sad, and i hate the fact that i am saying it but in many ways the people that have the power to make positive change are the elite and the influential, and i guess its better late than ever.

i just pay it doesnt happen ever again, and i hope we learnt our lessons so we can change our futures because it over, crying and sorrow wont bring people back to life, but doing something can hopefully make it happenless.

Mohyna Srinivasan

I think having an 11 in the tag was enough to give our tragedy international recognition! Sad, but true! When Mumbai train blasts happened on July 11th,2006 it was called 7/11. I felt, unjustifiably, people derived more pleasure from having arrived at a suitably macabre label for the tragedy than being worried or concerned about the tragedy itself. And now this obsession with reducing what happened to Mumbai to another chilling date. I wish we would think beyond it.

And I think we may just. As you said, this time the people affected have sat up and taken notice. I hope there are sweeping changes; I pray and pray. Chalo India Gate! Chalo Gateway of India! This Wednesday night. Even if it is just to grieve in silence, let us.

Umair Siddiqui

Sir, Mumbai Attacks have yet again created tension in south-asia.
India has finally provided the official dossier[1] to Pakistani Govt
on January 5, 2009, which allegedly contains facts.

The Pakistani Govt is preparing official reply, however, various
Pakistani analysts are also analyzing this dossier. It turn out that
official dossier contain many factual errors. Unfortunately much
material is in Urdu, but following link is quite comprehensive:


you can skip to page-13 and specially for Dossier analysis skip to
page-66. All I can say, security agencies (like CIA, Mossad, RAW) in
order for __greater good__** kill their own people to create a bigger

Sir, It should be noted that India-Pakistan tension is not just this
terrorism issue but it is infact beyond that. For example, violation
of "Indus Water Treaty"[2] by building "Baglihar Dam"[3] in the
southern Doda district in Indian Occupied Kashmir, over Chenab river.

It is really unfortunate that in-competent Pakistani Govt didn't took
stand on this issue[4] (an alleged US-Govt pressure was also

This leads to following questions:

(1) Don't you think that Stealing the water of Chenab River is a
threat to Pakistani Agriculture and Pakistani Nation?
and is an example of "state sponsored" terrorism from India?

(2) How can peace process be continued with this back-stabbing?


** possibly to justify their existence and high funding

[1] http://www.hindu.com/nic/dossier.htm

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indus_Waters_Treaty

[3] http://thecurrentaffairs.com/index.php/india-violated-treaty-in-baglihar-dam-case-indus-water-commissioner/

[4] http://www.dawn.com/2008/09/22/ebr4.htm

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