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April 20, 2011


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Welcome to the Club of 4 eyed people! I have been wa earing progressive lenses since 1982! Each time I have to change them, technology has progressed. Formerly one only got reading and distance powered lenses. You now have an in between power for the distance of the computer. What next who knows. True it takes about a week to get used to progressive lenses but after that it is a great thing. You now have a new look at the world literally apart from figuratively.


Did not expect it to be such a change! Have been hearing from various people about this post and all have had a unique experience. Not all are pleasant! It takes getting used to, that your eyes do not function like they used to! The only 'good' thing is that it happens almost to everyone!! Some people are just in denial and do not wear / use the glasses unless they have to - like for reading. Tina was saying, Jimmy is almost blind and cannot even see road signs clearly but he insists on not using his distance glasses and even tries to squint and read so as not to wear his reading glasses!! Its really a different world after glasses and I guess everyone reacts to it in their own different ways. And unless it happens to you it is hard to imagine. I think Ajay finds this whole glasses thing quite amusing / strange from time to time! I am still in the experimental stage. I am trying to use the contact lenses which i find quite comfortable, but use the progressive glasses after i take off the contacts in the evening. and then there is a lot of care with putting eye drops so that the eyes do not get too dry and all that stuff. So its different - lets just say that!!!

Vincent Davis

It's okay to sometimes let go of these feelings. Writing is one of the best ways to release emotions. It's good that you shared your experience here! Regrets aren't tolerable, especially if you have nothing else to do but go with the flow. You're lucky that technology is getting more and more advanced today! Your eyes will be better… ;)

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