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October 18, 2011


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Deepa Soman

Wah! Well-recorded and we have this one deeply imprinted don't we? Amazing time together... muchness as always and my cup (lassi glass) overfloweth... :-)

Jayshree Gerken

Welcome back to your blog, Mohyna - what a nice, uplifting post. Given its content, I wanted to send you the following link:


It is a deeply moving, intensely personal cancer journey of one mom and her daughter. Her goal - to raise pediatric cancer awareness by giving it a face and a name. A tough read, but as Donna's mom says, "If Donna could live it, you all can read it." Her story made me do a little digging and I became aware of how little funding and research there is to develop new treatments for pediatric cancer. It is a cause I have decided to take up, through local (San Diego) organizations, in some small way. What amazing work your friend Deepa is doing.

Best Wishes and Love,

Mohyna Srinivasan

Hi Jayshree, How amazing to be connected through our experiences. I was moved beyond words when i visited the centre. Yet, i tried to put down what i saw and felt in the blog. I love the fact that you have moved beyond 'experience' and to 'action'. It is a long step for most of us and i commend you for taking it. Deepa, too, has taken it up with all her enthusiasm and ability. She declined to be on the board of the organization for practical reasons, though they wanted her to be, but is rallying support and arranging Diwali parties for the kids and what not! When i am back in Mumbai (I'm in Jakarta now!) i will send you the link to the St Jude's site. Thank you so much for your warm words and support.

Jayshree Gerken

Hi Mohyna, I already looked up the St. Jude's site - so nice to see the happiness they bring to these children and their families. I hope in my lifetime to see pediatric cancers being completely treatable. That the young, vibrant, future citizens of the world should be ravaged by this disease, simply because we devote more money and attention to adult treatments than child treatments, is so very sad.

Have a great time in Jakarta!

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